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Descrição do Seminário

The Realm of the Protoclusters: Observing the Formation of the Cosmic Web

Resumo: The study of the cosmic web at high redshift is beginning to fill in unknown details of the important early phase of galaxy and cluster evolution during the time when their dark and baryonic components were most actively assembling. I will review the current observational status of this field and highlight promising recent findings related to galaxy formation in the most massive regions of the universe ("protoclusters"). I will discuss the origin of the main components of clusters, and the impact of environmental effects and assembly bias. I will show that the most massive halos at high redshift can be found in the cores of protoclusters, making these objects also uniquely suited for testing important models of the flow of matter along the filamentary cosmic web as well as the formation of supermassive black holes. I will also discuss the crucial role of cluster formation on the epoch of reionization, and review the most promising observational projects that are expected to make significant impact in this growing and exciting field in the coming decade.

Palestrante: Roderik Overzier

Instituto: ON

Data: 08/09/2016

Hora: 15:30

Local: Auditório do 1º andar do prédio Emmanuel Lias

Responsável: Luan Ghezzi e Bruna Vajgel

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