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Descrição do Seminário

Observational tests of massive galaxy assembly

Resumo: Although the standard model of cosmology - cold dark matter with a cosmological constant (LCDM) - is extremely successful in describing observations of the large scale structure, many aspects of galaxy formation remain to be understood. In this talk I will address two important issues in the formation and assembly of massive galaxies, namely the stellar mass growth history of the most massive galaxies in the Universe — the brightest cluster galaxies (BCGs), and the assembly bias phenomenon of typical, massive galaxies, for which LCDM has made clear predictions. I shall compare these predictions with observations as fairly as possible. Although discrepancies were found, I point out improvements in observational techniques and data quality that may help resolve the inconsistency. I will finish with prospects of extending these analyses to different halo mass scales, as well as to higher redshifts.

Palestrante: Yen-Ting Lin

Instituto: ASIAA

Data: 24/11/2016

Hora: 15:30

Local: Auditório do prédio Emmanuel Liais

Responsável: Luan Ghezzi e Bruna Vajgel

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