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Nitrogen enrichment in star-forming galaxies from the CALIFA survey

Resumo: I will present a study that focuses on the relation between the local (i.e. spatially-resolved) ionized gas nitrogen abundance and other properties of a sample of 100 star-forming galaxies from the CALIFA survey, developed by a collaboration between members of the LASEX group at Valongo Observatory at UFRJ and the GIFU group at the University of Guanajuato in Mexico. The galaxies were selected according to their loci in the BPT diagram, using emission-line ratios measured from their SDSS integrated spectra. We compare the local gas nitrogen abundance (N/O) of different individual regions of these galaxies with their metallicity (O/H), the mean age and metallicity of their stellar populations, and the local fractions of young and old stellar populations. Using these pieces of information, we tested the hypothesis that the nitrogen enrichment of the gas phase in these galaxies is related to the intensity of successive bursts of star formation, with more bursts producing larger Nitrogen enrichment. We found larger fractions of old stellar populations in nitrogen-rich regions, in agreement with the aforementioned hypothesis. I will also briefly present some of the projects that the GIFU group is currently working on, and the perspectives that will be brought by new datasets like those obtained by ongoing surveys such as SAMI and MaNGA.

Palestrante: René Ortega Minakata

Instituto: OV/UFRJ

Data: 10/11/2016

Hora: 15:30

Local: Auditório do prédio Emmanuel Liais

Responsável: Luan Ghezzi e Bruna Vajgel

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