Coordenação de Astronomia e Astrofísica - COAA

Calendário Científico

| 12/11/2014 | Curso: Teoria das Perturbações Cosmológicas.

(Prof. Dr. W. Zimdahl)

| 15/10/2014 | J-PAS/Theory Miniworkshop.

We plan to have a 1-day gathering with several researchers to discuss projects to be developed in the Theory Group of the J-PAS collaboration. In order to encourage discussions, we plan to have short (~25 min) talks, followed by questions (~10 min), as well as extended free periods for open discussions.

| 08/09/2014 | I Astrobiology School at the Observatório Nacional.

Organizing Committee: Marcelo Borges Fernandes (ON), Renato Dupke (ON), Isa Oliveira (ON), Vinicius Bordalo Schmidt Marques (ON), Ted Bergin (University of Michigan) and Nilton Renno (University of Michigan)

| 18/08/2014 | ALMA AND THE BRAZILIAN COMMUNITY Workshop .

SOC: Eduardo Telles (ON, co-chair), Katia Cunha (ON), Tommy Wiklind (ESO, co-chair), Jacques Lepine (IAG/USP), Anderson Caproni (NAT/UCS), Thaisa Storchi Bergmann (UFRGS), Karin Mendez-Delmestre (UFRJ), Zulema Abraham (IAG/USP), Beatriz Barbuy (IAG/USP), Daniela Lazzaro (ON), Adriana Valio (Mackenzie), Joao Braga (INPE), Heloisa Boechat Roberty (UFRJ) and Marcelo Borges Fernandes (ON). | LOC: Eduardo Telles (ON), Marcelo Borges Fernandes (ON), Vinicius Bordalo Schmidt Marques (ON) and Katia Cunha (ON)


SOC: Simone Daflon (ON), Herman Hensberge (ROB - retired), Petr Hadrava (Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic), Sasa Ilijic (University of Zagreb), Kelly B. Vieira Torres Dozinel (UFSJ) e Luiz Paulo Vaz (UFMG) LOC: Simone Daflon (ON), Marcelo Borges Fernandes (ON), Claudio Bastos Pereira (ON) e Herman Hensberge (ROB - retired)

| 04/08/2014 | Escola de Inverno Astronomia.

Temas: Formacão e Evolução das Estrelas, Sistema Solar e Galáxias

| 21/08/2014 | Minicursos da COAA.

Evolução Galáctica e Redshift Fotométrico - Prof. Verne A. Smith (National Optical Astronomy Observatory) & Prof. Narciso Benitez (Instituto de Astrofísica da Andalucía)