Astrobiology has increasingly attracted the attention of the scientific community as it seeks to understand, in a multidisciplinary way, the origin and evolution of life on our planet and more broadly, the possibility of life in the Universe. This field of research was further strengthened in the last years with the discoveries of nearly 1,000 planets outside the solar system - the exoplanets.

Since 1996, the Observatório Nacional (ON) has offered courses for a wide range of topics in astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology. Through theses courses ON has sought to supplement the training of its graduate students, as well as training students from other institutions, both national and international.

The II Astrobiology School at ON will be held this year and will consist of 8 lectures given by national researchers and 2 courses given by international researchers on the following topics:

  • "??????", by Dr. Fred Adams (University of Michigan/EUA);
  • "??????", by Dr. Daniel Apai (?????????);

Each course will have 4 classes 90 minutes long.

Invited speakers for the lectures (confirmed):

  • Dr. Mário de Pinna (MZUSP e Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle/França);
  • Dr. Ronaldo Fernandes (???)
  • Dr. Daniele Fulvio (PUC-Rio)
  • Dr. Enio Frota da Silveira (PUC-Rio)
  • Dr. Gustavo Porto de Mello (OV/UFRJ)

Image Credit & Copyrights: JPL-Caltech, Nicole Ottawa & Oliver Meckes, Peter Jenniskens, NASA, Damian Peach, Rogelio Bernal Andreo (background)