• Dr. Denis Mourard (Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur, França)
    Curso: "Optical interferometry and stellar physics"

  • DM1: Observational astrophysics and basics of optical interferometry.
    DM2: History of optical interferometry, modern developments.
    DM3: The main science programs addressed by optical interferometry.
    DM4: Future programs and future developments.

  • Dr. Joseph Masiero (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, EUA)
    Curso: "Studying the leftovers of planet formation: the asteroids and comets"

    JM1: An Overview of the Small Bodies of the Solar System.
    JM2: Determining asteroid physical properties from remote sensing.
    JM3: Asteroid dynamics, and family age dating.
    JM4: The NEOWISE view of the Solar System.

  • Steve Kraemer (Catholic University of America)
    Curso: "The Physical Properties of Active Galactic Nuclei and their Role in Galaxy Evolution"

    SK1: A review of AGN and their observational characteristics, across the entire electromagnetic spectrum.
    SK2: Black Holes: the basics physics, evidence for Black holes in massive galaxies, and the physics of accretion. Of interest is the new observation of the black hole/accretion disk in M87.
    SK3: Photo-ionization modeling. Why it is of great use in the study of AGN. I will also address the important emission line diagnostics used.
    SK4: AGN feedback and its role in galaxy evolution. I will concentrate on the effects of AGN driven winds on their host galaxies.

  • Martin Kunz (Institute for Theoretical Physics - University of Geneva)
    Curso: "Cosmic acceleration"

    MK1: Standard cosmology.
    MK2: Mechanisms of cosmic acceleration: dark energy.
    MK3: Mechanisms of cosmic acceleration: modified gravity.
    MK4: Observational aspects: present and future.


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11:00-12:20 MK1 SK2 MK3 DM4 SK4
12:20-14:00 Almoço Almoço Almoço Almoço Encerramento do XXIV CCE
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