For the seventeenth consecutive year, the Graduate Program in Astronomy of the Observatório Nacional is offering students and researchers in astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology the advanced school entitled Ciclo de Cursos Especiais (CCE).

The XVII CCE will be held at the Observatório Nacional in Rio de Janeiro, from 5 to 9 November 2012.

Following the standards of previous editions, the courses will cover different topics like extragalactic astrophysics, galactic and stellar astrophysics, cosmology, planetary sciences, and particularly in this edition, astrobiology.

The lecturers of this seventeenth edição of the school are:

Registration is free and can be done here. A certificate of participation will be provided after the school.

Organizing Committee

  • Cláudio Bastos Pereira - (claudio at
  • Fernando Roig - (froig at
  • Jailson Alcaniz - (alcaniz at
  • Simone Daflon - (daflon at
  • Ramiro de la Reza - honorary